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Pittsburgh Code Camp 2010.1
Thanks to everyone who attended my session at the Pittsburgh Code Camp on Apr 17. I'll get the latest code, demo code and slides posted here and on the Code Camp web site as soon as I get a chance! Thanks again!

Project Description
The Pittsburgh Code Camp iPhone Application is meant as a demonstration of the creation of an iPhone application while at the same time providing the attendees of the 2010.1 code camp a potentially useful application.

How it works
When the app starts, it will try and download an updated XML file from a pre-configured website. The data will be loaded into the object model which will be used a a data source for the different screens. The code camp director and volunteers can therefore update this XML data whenever they need in order to keep the application up-to-date. The data will be cached on the user's device to ensure they always have something to look at even it is is stale data.

App Store Release
After much rejection, I finally have the Code camp app approved in the App Store! Here is a link: Available in the App Store

Here are the screenshots so far ... taken from the iPhone simulator...


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